Singapore’s Best Cosmetic Formulations are Just Within Your Reach

This is where innovation meets technology. Our formulations have withstood the tests of time and have been created following meticulous research and analysis. To get your cosmetic private label off the ground we can provide you with the perfect custom formulated cosmetic solutions. Be a leader in the cosmetics industry with the best-researched formulations in the market.

Cosmetic Product Categories We Offer

Be a leader in the cosmetics industry with the best researched formulations in the market. Our private label cosmetics show inclusivity, innovation, and versatility. From creating your formula to designing your packaging, you can rest assured that we will develop the best private label cosmetics for your brand.

Be Part of the Cosmetic Evolution with Our Game Changing Formulations

We create superior quality cosmetic products that will set apart your private label brand from the rest. Through research and innovation, we can give you the best cosmetic solutions just the way you need them. With our formulations, you can set the foundation for your private label cosmetic brand and be part of the revolutionary industry.

Our Specialities

We create our products with innovation so that they uniquely satisfy your cosmetic requirements

Our Ingredients

We use unique organic ingredients that are in no way harmful to the skin. We source our ingredients from nature itself.

Our Commitment

Private Label Derma Lab guarantees our clients a high quality and strictly confidential manufactured product. Made only from the best natural and organic ingredients. Trust and confidence in our business practices is essential and we ensure the trust and satisfaction from our clients is a top priority. All proprietary information and formulations provided by Private Label Derma Lab is strictly confidential.


We are positioned as an innovative boutique cosmetic contract manufacturer. We take a quality approach at each stage of our relationship with our client’s, and understand what it means to be a brand owner.

International Standard

As the leader in Singapore private label manufacture, We will guarantee that your product will be delivered in accordance with the requirement from GMP and other standards promptly.

Market Trend

We provide immediate solution according to the market trend.


When you develop a custom formulation with us, we make sure your brand has complete exclusivity ensuring your brands uniqueness in the marketplace.

Quality Control

Private Label Derma Lab has a 100% quality focus that drives our customer experience, from raw material through to batch and component quality.

The Best Way to Start Your Private Label with PLDL.