State of the Art Labeling, Branding and Marketing Services for Cosmetic Brands

We understand how a package or a design can elevate your brand. To invent an eye-catching yet practical packaging and label design, relay your needs to our team of experienced consultants and designers to make your product marketable. Our creative design team will help you design an attention-grabbing label leaving you hassle-free in this area. Also, our in-house experienced marketing team will keep you update on the latest marketing trend and provide you with a marketing strategy to ensure your products launch to the market successfully.

It’s essential that you get your brand in front of the right audience to ensure that your products truly resonate with them. As beauty and skin care digital marketers, PLDL's team of SEO and social media experts provides data-driven insights into your cosmetics and skin care customers to help you reach them in the right way. Reach us to know more about how we can improve your brand’s revenue with specialised beauty and skin care digital campaigns.

Our Strengths

We are a highly qualified team of expert chemists with a passion for premium, natural and organic beauty products. We also have the industry experience to formulate, develop and manufacture skin care, hair care, cosmetic and personal care, and over the counter and GMP certified company for the global marketplace.

Why Choose Us

Low Risk

Low minimum order quantity

Quick Fulfilment

Efficient turnaround and timely delivery


Hundreds of quality materials & packaging to choose from


One-stop seamless solution for your business

Superior Quality

Singapore standards manned with expert chemists


Modern production line with the latest technology

Labeling & Printing

We will create an attention-grabbing label for your skin care line – one that either follows your newly-minted brand guidelines or blends with your existing designs. When your label is finished and you are happy with it, we will print it and apply it to your packaging. We can also print any externally-created label for this purpose.

Branding & Marketing

Our designers and copywriters are eager to have a creative crack at making your brand truly stand out. In an era when appearance is everything, make sure you don’t cut corners with your brand’s name, logo and visual style. Our team is also ready to assist you in terms of your brand website and advertising materials, such as leaflets and brochures. If there is an inspiring story behind your brand, why don’t you let your clients know about it?

Need to establish or scale your beauty company? Our proven methods in marketing beauty brands and products are now available to your company too! We combine website development and social media with search engine optimization, digital ad campaigns, and email marketing to create the perfect promotional mix to get your beauty brand seen and in the hands of customers around the globe.

Steps to Customise Products

We offer a whole range of custom formulation products using our state-of-the art R&D and production facility. We assure delivery of cosmetic formulations/products of the highest quality standards and meet all our customer expectations. Expertise in creating, developing, and producing bulk as well as finished products is our forte with contract manufacturing options too. We help transform your ideas of cosmetics and skin care to the actual delivery of the product.

We Transform and Establish Your Brand

Our experienced creative designers with expertise in different types of Materials & Finishing have helped many start-ups & brand builders create stunningly attractive & practical packaging designs that not just improve product safety during logistics, as well as elevates their brand presence in skin care, body care, hair care & beauty cosmetic market. We strategise with you to achieve the best results for your product. Your product can stand out with just the right look!

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