Beauty Products Filling and Packaging Solutions

We assist our clients to pack their bulk products into bottles and jars in a cleanroom environment. Clients can choose to use their own packaging or select from our range of imported quality packaging. Do you also wish to have your own customised graphics on your packaging? Our in-house graphics design team can help your company develop unique packaging designs to suit your needs. Our packaging team sources an extensive range of package types with a strong focus on quality and competitive price. This combination contributes to enhancing our client product uniqueness and its differentiation among competitors. Whether you are just starting your private label cosmetic and skin care line or looking to expand your products collection, we will provide you with a seamless ONE-STOP solution for your business needs.

Our Strengths

We are a highly qualified team of expert chemists with a passion for premium, natural and organic beauty products. We also have the industry experience to formulate, develop and manufacture skin care, hair care, cosmetic and personal care, and over the counter and GMP certified company for the global marketplace.

Why Choose Us

Low Risk

Low minimum order quantity

Quick Fulfilment

Efficient turnaround and timely delivery


Hundreds of quality materials & packaging to choose from


One-stop seamless solution for your business

Superior Quality

Singapore standards manned with expert chemists


Modern production line with the latest technology

Stock Packaging

Our standard packaging comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, designed to cater to a number of uses and tastes. Let us know what you need and we’ll present our range of options for you to choose from.

Custom Packaging

Thinking outside the box with your product, or just needing that box to be somewhat oddly shaped for a reason? No problem, we are able to develop bespoke packaging to satisfy your wildest packaging dreams.

Steps to Customise Products

We offer a whole range of custom formulation products using our state-of-the art R&D and production facility. We assure delivery of cosmetic formulations/products of the highest quality standards and meet all our customer expectations. Expertise in creating, developing, and producing bulk as well as finished products is our forte with contract manufacturing options too. We help transform your ideas of cosmetics and skin care to the actual delivery of the product.

Filling and Packaging Technology

Our equipment will accurately dispense products that are liquids to viscous creams, gels, lotions and suspensions. Moreover, we can help execute customer containers’ final packaging needs. Our filling department is equipped with both cold and hot filling machines. The hot filling machine is connected with a mixer to dispense products into containers at high temperatures to create beautiful butters and balms.

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