A Leading Research and Innovation Laboratory in Singapore

Private Label Derma Lab has been involved in the development & production of many innovative and trending formulations since its inception. We have our in-house, well-equipped laboratory with qualified staff to facilitate our clients with stability studies, quality testing, and analytical testing of the products. Our experienced Research & Development team will never stop researching to find the most advanced technology and ingredients to serve our customer satisfaction and requirement. Our experienced formulation researchers can develop a wide range of skin care products covers from head to toe tailored to your requirement. We welcome those looking for contract manufacturing services or private label services of skin care or cosmetic products.

Our Strengths

We are a highly qualified team of expert chemists with a passion for premium, natural and organic beauty products. We also have the industry experience to formulate, develop and manufacture skin care, hair care, cosmetic and personal care, and over the counter and GMP certified company for the global marketplace.

Why Choose Us

Low Risk

Low minimum order quantity

Quick Fulfilment

Efficient turnaround and timely delivery


Hundreds of quality materials & packaging to choose from


One-stop seamless solution for your business

Superior Quality

Singapore standards manned with expert chemists


Modern production line with the latest technology

Stability Testing

Our experienced formulators will conduct product stability testing to ensure the quality and stability of your products before launching them to the market. Detailed analysis and testing of chemicals, liquids & biological matter are carried out at an exquisite laboratory by expert chemists. Also, our Quality Assurance team prepares all the required Standard Operating Procedures, Specifications, and other vital documents to ascertain that every product manufactured at Private Label Derma Lab Pvt Ltd adheres to the highest standards of International quality and regulatory affairs.

Our Technologies

Our microbiological lab meets the latest regulatory requirements of classified air & bio-waste hazard management that ensure the facility is free from microbial contamination adhering to the commitment to produce premium quality products. Our talented staff thrives on innovation and never stops researching for the most advanced skin care technologies. At Private Label Derma Lab, Singapore, we never run out of ideas to explore and come out with cutting-edge skin care products. Our excitement will not stop at research but will go live to benefit the consumer.

Steps to Customise Products

We offer a whole range of custom formulation products using our state-of-the art R&D and production facility. We assure delivery of cosmetic formulations/products of the highest quality standards and meet all our customer expectations. Expertise in creating, developing, and producing bulk as well as finished products is our forte with contract manufacturing options too. We help transform your ideas of cosmetics and skin care to the actual delivery of the product.

Active Ingredients

We keep sourcing worldwide for the skin care active ingredients and only select those functional and safe ingredients to meet our customers need.

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