Introducing Our Standard Process

To complement our Private Labelling, we offer an extensive range of services to provide you with a one-stop shop for your production and business development needs. Our Product Customisation Premium Service offers a simple and cost-effective way to create your very own unique skincare products for your dream customers, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

How Do We Handle Our Projects

Research and Development

Whether it's an idea or concept formula, our Research and Development team will work hand-in-hand with you to develop formulations to suit your desires, business objectives and needs. From package designing concepts to manufacturing, we offer the complete solution driving you from the concept stage to marketable products ready for shelves.


Product Custom Formulation

With over 12 years of formulating personal and beauty care, our experience is our virtue. However, we understand the nature of the ever-changing beauty industry and will assist you to keep abreast of upcoming trends in formulated products and raw materials. Formulas go under proven accelerated stability testing ensuring it meets your standards for the life of the product.

Filling and Packaging

Great products deserve great packaging. with filling equipment for bottles, jars, sachets and tubes we offer a range of packaging and manufacturing options to tailor any project needs. Tubes and bottles are our speciality and with the latest high speed machines and quality tube suppliers we have the most competitive quotes on the market.


Product Branding and Marketing

Go for It! Why not let us help you create your very own brand. We can help you start your skincare line plus organise your design, packaging, labelling right through to manufacturing.

Our Departments

Research & Development

Our products use the latest knowledge and technology. Research and development is one of our greatest strengths enabling us to create new, innovative formulas that truest make a difference in the personal care industry. We want to make your brand a super brand!

Advice and Administration

We will be guiding you every step of the way in the process. The face of the brand is its packaging which needs to speak to your customers. It might be a daunting task! But not to worry! We will help you find the perfectly fitted packaging style for your beauty line which will make your unique identity pop.

Marketing and Branding

Branding can elevate your product! That’s why we pay extra attention to branding and marketing. You can count on our experienced consultants and designers from inventing eye-catching yet practical packaging and label designs to develop your digital identity and marketing campaigns.

Customer Service and Support

Our customers are our number one priority. Our customer service team is always ready to look into your needs and give you the best solutions.


Our Commitment

Private Label Derma Lab guarantees our clients a high quality and strictly confidential manufactured product. Made only from the best natural and organic ingredients. Trust and confidence in our business practices is essential and we ensure the trust and satisfaction from our clients is a top priority. All proprietary information and formulations provided by Private Label Derma Lab is strictly confidential.


When you develop a custom formulation with us, we make sure your brand has complete exclusivity ensuring your brands uniqueness in the marketplace.

Market Trend

We provide immediate solution according to the market trend.


We are positioned as an innovative boutique cosmetic contract manufacturer. We take a quality approach at each stage of our relationship with our client’s, and understand what it means to be a brand owner.

Quality Control

Private Label Derma Lab has a 100% quality focus that drives our customer experience, from raw material through to batch and component quality.

International Standard

As the leader in Singapore private label manufacture, We will guarantee that your product will be delivered in accordance with the requirement from GMP and other standards promptly.

The Best Way to Start Your Private Label with PLDL.